Game Dev Journey — IV

Eren Akbulut
2 min readFeb 4, 2021


Hello everyone, today I’ll briefly share the updates about the game dev journey of mine. It’s going to be a fairly short one.

State of Learning

I feel like I have an all-around knowledge about the framework and what’s going on about the system in general, and after I feel somewhat a bigger control over the technologies I use, I’ll instead focus on the art and sound parts to finally start something of my own.

The latest state of the game is that for not, I mean it’s just a tutorial and it’s about the over after this one is over the things that I want to do is comes as follows:

  1. Finding free assets and creating a game with them from scratch.
  2. Sharpening a side of my knowledge on a particular type of game field and creating my own assets accordingly.
  3. Collecting information about the successful games of that field, I’m already doing it but more in-depth.

External Research

As I briefly stated in the previous posts I’m also trying to add more generic game dev knowledge to myself via watching non-technical and mostly conceptual videos and I’m also reading articles about the topic. My plan of external research from now on comes as follows:

1. Learning more about all game concepts and fields to see what suits you the most.

2. Other than just drawing techniques learning more about the concept creation and color theory in order to make the games engaging.

3. Learning basics of the sound design and making some trials on the arcade game sounds, maybe creating a basic sound kit for the game myself.

4. Formulazing the best practices to apply all of them into every project of mine at every new beginning.

Alright everyone, today I only managed to write a rather short and more like a journal-ish post here, but I wanted to keep an anchor to my current thoughts somehow and writing posts is one of the best ways of accomplishing such things.

Take care of yourself, see you next time. :)