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Eren Akbulut
3 min readFeb 6, 2021


Hello everyone, today I’ll give a quick update about the last state of the game dev journey of mine, overlooked parts for the future plan and the current future plan. I hope you enjoy it if you read it.

Current State

Since last time I followed the course to the point that we finally add some prize functionality and more visuality to the game. I’ll now share those updates with the related photos.

Here you can observe a couple of overall updates. Visuals are changed and new collidibles are also added. That was a nice experiment for me to understand about constant enemies like the spikes in our example.

The updates are:

  • Spikes are added, they can give you some damage with the same amount of bounce back whenever you collide them, your bounce back angle is also determined by your hitting angle.
  • Diamond collidibles are now giving you some points, if their value isn’t overwritten with custom scores they give 1, but some are overwritten so they give more.
  • Background added and it moves with the camera. This is the part that made me realize that mentioned overlooked part.

Overlooked Part

In the previous update post, I talked about lots and lots of stuff that happen to be required in-game dev like color theory, rewarding system, overall game sense, and so on and so forth.

But now that I realize I totally forgot to mention about 2 parts, which are quite important if you ask me, camera movement and enemy AI. Actually probably any game dev would say the same thing when you ask about those 2 topics, I just somehow overlooked them.

Future Plans

Actually, future plans are mostly constant only extended because of the forgotten required parts. My plans on those 2 topics are going to be as followed:

  • Camera movement never felt like that urgent until the moment I add the background, it changes the game sense tremendously and I think the best way of getting better at that aspect is to first watch lots and lots of professional tips and then apply them one by one in a similar environment to see how much of a difference they actually make on the game. I’ll update my future plans properly to create a margin for camera movement.
  • AI is a huge part that can make a game either really fun, boring or even overwhelming at times because it has such a direct impact on the player’s experience since the AI agents can mostly interact with the player directly. I’m thinking to put my current and future knowledge about AI into action over my future games, it can be really nice for both my university studies and the game itself.(Yes I take lots of AI-related courses yet I forgot about the enemy AI of the game or games in general :D)

Alright everyone, that was it for today I hope that you liked it even though this series is mostly a personal journal merged with game dev ideas.

I hope to see you in the next one until then take care. :)

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