My Take on Phaser after 30 Days

What is Phaser?

Phaser is an open-source HTML5 game framework that allows you to create WebGL or canvas-based games. Basically, you can make mobile or browser-based games with Phaser. It’s been developed by one person and widely supported by the community. Phaser is the most popular framework compare to other frameworks that do the same job with it.

Developer Experience

I’m using VS Code to develop stuff with Phaser and my developer experience was quite alright so far. I can summarize that result under several reasons that I find the most important.

  • I’m using JavaScript for all my personal projects and I tend to use it for professional work also. For me, the developer ecosystem that Phaser provides can be unmatched. Phaser’s documentation is one of the best documentation I’ve ever seen and I’ve never experienced any problems while I’m trying to look for an answer about the Phaser API or anything that is related to Phaser.
  • Easy debugging. I’m currently learning the framework and maybe it’s too early to talk about debugging but I wasn’t expecting anything from the Phaser on the debugging side, to be honest, I mean don’t get me wrong from my understanding it’s nowhere near to a modern game engine but it’s quite alright for such a framework.
  • Community. Again, even though the community isn’t as big as the mainstream game engine’s communities, I can describe the Phaser community as one passionate community that can help with lots of things quicker than I expected.

Limits of the Framework

I’ll keep that part super short. From my experience, I’ve never witnessed any limitations against the work I try to do, yet of course, my experience is quite limited and means nothing under the “limits of a framework” topic. Yet as far as I think since my expectations from Phaser often limited with the use of its Arcade Physics for a 2d platformer game I won’t be experiencing huge problems in general.

Knowledge Transfer

I think Phaser is a great teacher for the fundamentals of the game dev, I’m not a game developer and maybe I shouldn’t be the one who is saying that but recently I’m sparing lots of free time on researching about best practices in game dev world from gamers psychology to camera movement or from rewarding to lighting and so on and so forth.



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